About Kristine Jaccoud

Hello! I’m Kristine

Occupational Therapist and Co-Directrice Ergo-Léman

I have lived in Switzerland for nearly 30 years, having moved here from Australia in 1993. I started my family (2 boys) and began to work with children in a private occupational therapy practice in Gland. I took over this practice with another therapist in 1998 and founded the site at Coppet in 2006. In 2014 this practice divested itself of its services for adults and, in partnership with Vera Popovich, we created Ergo-Léman Sàrl specializing in paediatric occupational therapy. I currently manage the team of therapists at the Gland site of Ergo-Léman.

What do I like about my job?

 Over the years I have developed specialized knowledge in sensory integration and sensory processing difficulties through formal training courses, self-study and my clinical work. I enjoy helping families, teachers and other carers to consider and adapt to a child’s sensory needs. It is a pleasure to be able to share this knowledge by training others in sensory processing assessment and intervention which has occurred under the auspices of Ergo-Léman itself, at universities and foundations throughout the suisse romande, and in Belgium.


My Experience

  • In Melbourne, I worked in a variety of medical fields including physical rehabilitation, adult psychiatry and then geriatric psychiatry when I authored a chapter on occupational therapy in a geriatric psychiatry text.
  • In 1983, I developed an occupational therapy assessment called the “Domestic and Community Skills Assessment (DACSA)” along with Laura Collister, which is still used by Australian occupational therapists in the field of mental health to this day.

My Education

  • Bachelor in Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) in 1980, from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia
  • PhD in 1995, from La Trobe University, Melbourne